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End of Summer Festivities for Highbanks Care Center Residents!

September 2, 2018
As the Fall approaches our residents were feeling lucky and so on we ventured to Scioto Downs this past Thursday! Our residents tried their hand at the casino and enjoyed a beautiful day outdoors as the summer days are counting down. It was a great time and a great experience for the many staff, residents, and family members to come together to make this experience possible.

While we didn’t have any residents leaving Scioto Downs with new cars or thousands of dollars - these folks left with an experience that will last a lifetime as they shared this adventure with their family, friends, caregivers!

It’s events like these that truly make Highbanks Care Center a wonderful place to call home, even if you’re only stopping by for a short time. A special thank you to Anna, Martine, Chellsea, Eric, Regina, Nicole, Chris, & Connie for volunteering to make this day extraordinary for our residents!

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